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Studio 10 Tap
more than
   just a class ...

Dancer and choreographer Valery Marcantonio founded and directs Studio10Tap, based in Lexington, where her focus is on tap technique, rhythmic and percussive tap, and original dances in a convivial and supportive environment. At Studio10, adults of various ages and backgrounds learn routines based on Valery’s choreography as well as classics from such stellar dancers as Buster Brown, Gene Kelly, Gregory Hines and, yes, even Steve Martin. Valery and her students frequently perform in tap showcases and at community settings such as the Lexington Farmers' Market and senior residential facilities. Many friendships, tap movie nights, and field trips continue to blossom at Studio10Tap.

... it's a 
"Entering Studio 10, Valery joyfully greets her tap dancers as we tie our shoes and step onto the dance floor. With intricate  combinations, we are warmed up in 10 minutes and ready for her original, challenging choreography. Whether we are working together on 42nd Street or a soft shoe, Valery pays attention to every detail of each dance and every sound from each dancer. She is a natural born dance teacher who knows how to break steps down until 20 tap shoes sound like one. Valery brings a whole new meaning to the precision and percussive intricacies of tap dance. Studio 10 is my happy place where my mind and body are fully engaged in the joy of tap!"  Diane Gallagher
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